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police that he had made to it his home, just a mile from where he jumped out of the deputy's car, and he may have changed clothes. it is not known if he is still handcuffed with his legs shackled. but there is no question he should be considered dangerous. >> i have a feeling he is going to go somewhere terrible. >> reporter: police say if you spot champagne, you should call 911 and not try to approach him. jeff hager, abc 2 news. >> police say once captured, the convicted thief will face new charges, including attempted first-degree murder, assault of a law enforcement officer, and escape. the deputy is in stable condition, undergoing tests at johns hopkins medical center. now to the latest on the car crash involving olympic champion michael phelps. baltimore police say the other driver was at fault. they say a woman driving a honda ran a red light and crashed into phelps' cadillac escalade. it all happened at the intersection of biddle and calvert streets about 9:00 last night. phelps was not hurt, although
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the woman driving the other car was taken to the hospital as a precaution. police say alcohol was not a factor in that crash. a former howard county postal clerk has pleaded guilty to a stamp theft scheme. prosecutors say it netted more than $600,000. many of those stolen stamps were sold online at discount prices. marvin foster of rosedale pleaded guilty in federal court for stealing the stamps between june of 2008 and march of this year. he faces up to five years in prison. sentencing is scheduled for november. today eunice kennedy shriver was laid to rest. [ bagpipes ] hundreds of mourners, including oprah winfrey, stevie wonder, vice president joe biden gathered in massachusetts to say their final farewell to mrs. shriver. eunice shriver basically started the special olympics right here in maryland in her own backyard. she has been encouraging children with disabilities to
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shoot for the stars, and maybe her greatest accomplishment is her own children. >> each of us felt like an only child. each of us felt as though our mother was our best friend. each of us talked to her every day and sometimes more than once. and of course, i think if i said to my mother, which i often did, i can't good on without you. i don't know how to live without you, she would say, you're fine, i've raised you while. now get out there, get going. your brothers will be nice to you. >> eunice kennedy shriver died tuesday. she had a series of strokes in recent years. she was 88 years old. president obama was in montana this afternoon, answering questions on health care reform. unlike the often contentious meetings other lawmakers have encountered, as abc 2 news carla wohl reports, today's give and take was both cordial and civil. >> reporter: president obama received an enthusiastic welcome in reliably republican
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montana. >> hello, montana! >> reporter: he came on a mission to change the increasingly angry debate over health care reform, saying americans are being held hostage by insurance companies. >> it's wrong. it's bankrupting families. it's bankrupting businesses. and we are going to fix it when we pass health insurance reform this year. >> reporter: but randy wanted to know how the government would pay for it. >> and we keep getting the bull. that's all we get is bull. you can't tell us how you're going to pay for this. >> the president said 2/3 of the plan would be paid for by eliminating waste. the other third could come from raising taxes on the wealthy. >> we've got to get over this notion that somehow we can have something for nothing. but that's part of how we got into the deficit and the debt that we're in the first place. >> reporter: in past meetings across the country, members of congress have been feeling the heat. people outraged over what they
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see as more government intrusion into their lives. e president blames special interest groups for trying to scare voters. >> for all the scare tactics out there, what is truly scary, what is truly risky is if we do nothing. >> reporter: president obama is mixing business with pleasure, making time for a family trip to yellowstone and the grand canyon, along with another town hall meeting in colorado saturday. carla wohl, abc news, los angeles. one of the organization's firmly behind health care reform is the naacp. the civil rights group has launched a campaign to debunk some of the myths surrounding health care reform. terry owens is here with more on that effort. terry? >> reporter: marybeth, with many of the town hall meetings turning into shouting matches, some are concerned the facts are being lost in all the rhetoric. that has prompted the naacp to tackle some of the myths head- on. the civil rights group says one myth is that people will be forced to change insurance companies, or doctors.
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according to the naacp, if you had health insurance or a doctor you like, you can keep the same coverage. the civil rights group says another myth is that health care reform will cost trillions of dollars. the reality says the civil rights group is that much of the costs will come from cutting waste, fraud, and abuse within existing government health programs. the organization tackles five specific areas to see their entire list, you can head to their website, we have also posted a sample letter the organization is urging people to send to their congress person. terry owens, abc 2 news. fight over here with a look at you're first forecast. hey, let's take a look at the naval academy, shall we? 79 degrees. 80 degre was the high today along the water's edge there. a beautiful day overall. and brooklyn park about 83 as
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well. take you over to gunston day school. temperatures running in the low to mid-80s out there across the board this afternoon. the question, how hot does it get for the second half of the weekend? and how fast does it get here. we're going to break down both how hot it gets and the timing on that in a few minutes. >> it's still the middle of summer. state highway officials have snow on their minds already. they're scrambling to find ways to save so there will be enough money to clear snow-covered highways this winter. as cherie rejohnson's horrett shows us, sha says they'll get the job done. >> reporter: here is an image. but to highway officials those plows mean one thing -- money. this past winter, the state highway administration spent $52 million clearing the roads. the administration gets its funding from several sources, and they've all been hit hard by the recession, the sales tax when you buy a car, gas taxes,
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registration fee, and some corporate income taxes. >> all of those are down, most dramatically the excise or source tax and vehicle sales is down considerably. >> reporter: in fact, in maryland auto dealers automobile association expects 159,000 vehicles to be newly registered in maryland this year. that's down from almost 200,000 last year, even with a mild boot from the cash for clunkers program that translates into much less money for the state highway administration, which is why the head of the administration sent an e-mail to his agency heads calling for, quote, significant cuts in spending. >> we're looking at things like reduced mowing cycles. looks at things like perhaps not sweeping the roadways quite as often. >> reporter: highway officials say those measures will provide significant savings, but the administration is trying to find savings anywhere they can, no matter how small. things like scaling back overtime. spending on office supplies, even calling for a reduction in
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the number of cell phone by 10%, all of it with one goal in mine, getting ready for manage that is much closer than we would like to think. >> we will do what we need to do to make sure the roads are safe during the winter. >> sheree johnson, abc 2 news. >> one of the biggest cuts is highway resurfacing. several projects have been scaled back, they don't know when the projects will be completed until they know how severe the weather is going to be this winter. taste the rainbow. how making your diet more colorful will help your health. you know that. >> thought it would be no big deal. the biggest vans weren't even going to be there. then it became a rock 'n roll legend. we go back in time to woodstock, and how a three-inch- thick tree saved two women from plunging down a cliff. and looking at the temperatures from moncton. 83 degrees. why it has the weekend forecast coming up.
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you're watching baltimore's station that works for you. now abc 2 news at 5. >> oh, we've got more jon and kate plus 8. police were called to the home where jon and kate were in an argument. one source says kate called the house to find out which baby- sitter was helping out with the kids, and when she disapproved, they couple started fighting. police just helped calm things down. it wasn't the first rock festival. some of the biggest bands didn't go. tickets became useless, and in new york thru-way closed. but today it's rock 'n roll mythology. for nearly half a million people who made the pilgrimage, going down to yaskar's farm will forever redefine them.
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visiting woodstock 40 years later. >> reporter: it was then and is now a symbol of peace, love, and happiness. >> woodstock was that flowering of an entire generation. it was the high watermark of peace and love. >> reporter: even 40 years later. >> peace, man. >> reporter: the woodstock music festival remains an iconic image that defines that 60s hippie spirit. ♪ i miss you when you're gone ♪ >> reporter: a museum now marks the spot where it all went down. >> i come here almost every year, just come to this monument and look around, and try to recapture that feeling. >> reporter: the kind of feeling that this young couple likely had. their embrace of the festival became the cover of the woodstock album. they have been together ever since. >> everybody was happy. >> yeah, we were. >> we sure were, yeah. we still are. >> reporter: duke devlin came to the festival in 1969, and never left. he opened a farmer's market
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nearby. >> something took place. something happened here. this is a magic, magic place. ♪ i am yourself, you are mine, you are what you are ♪ >> the thing that amazed me, i think that's the only time there is that many people in one place where people didn't hurt each other. >> reporter: in that rural area, about 80 miles northwest of new york city, there was little organization, driving rains, and a crowd of more than 400,000. everything went so wrong. but somehow it couldn't have turned out much better. lindsey davis, abc news, new york. now the forecast certified baltimore's most accurate by weather rate, and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> another great day today. >> it was. it was. we had sunshine. we still have the sunshine out there. no showers or storms popping up, which we haven't had that in a while. >> yesterday the fans at the ravens game. >> we improved things a little
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bit. and i think this weekend more of that. more sunshine. more heat. by sunday get ready for some hot stuff. you know, it's august. we still have some to deal with. let's take a look at what we're dealing with right now. at the inner harbor gorge this evening for the dragon boats, and right now a temperature coming in at 84 degrees at bwi. light east-northeast wind at 9 miles per hour. and a lot of people thinking about the beach this weekend. why not? it is going to be hot out there. give you a little time lapse. it's 75 degrees right now in rehoboth beach. a lot of people on the boards. a lot of people on the beach, and a lot of sunshine down that way too. don't forget to wear the sunscreen. by the way, here your forecast for ocean city, maryland. 84. and into sunday about 86 degrees. slightly better chance for a thunderstorm down toward the beach. i think here we'll stay dry just about all weekend. but a chance for some active weather. you'll see why as we head toward the beach. and certainly if you're heading south for virginia beach or the carolina outer banks, there you're going to find some
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active weather. 67 this morning at bwi. we rebounded nicely to 84 degrees. it's seasonal for this time of year. 87 over in hagerstown. where is the active weather? we've got nothing but sunshine at the moment. i think that's going last really into most of the week. the next chance for active weather coming in toward the middle part of next week. one wild card in our forecast. and that's a pretty active storm system, a frontal boundary off the carolinas here. this particular system, it is trying to creep backward. we have high pressure coming out of the midwest. it's trying to push that system off the coast and hold it at bay for us. i think we're looking good here in baltimore all weekend. but as you head toward the beach, you see more clouds. you head south toward virginia beach and cape hatteras. there you're going to find a lot of active weather this weekend. our forecast model bearing that out as you put that in motion. tomorrow afternoon we're nice and dry across central maryland. a little more activity as you head toward virginia beach, chincoteague. and as we loop forward, another
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24 hours. watch as we go into sunday afternoon once again, looking pretty good here. but not far away do we find some pretty active weather. as longs that system stays south. bay forecast looking good. light east wind at 5 to 10 miles per hour. and as we go into the overnight hours expecting a low around 67 degrees in the city. it will be muggy tonight. not a lot of breeze for you. but a nice hot summer night in the city, right? through your day tomorrow, up to 88 degrees. mostly sunny, getting hotter through the day tomorrow. and that will continue as we go into the weekend here on sunday. pushing up close to 90 degrees here in baltimore. we'll be cooler down by the beach. and ingelow 90s, the theme here, around 90 degrees to the middle of next week. >> thanks, wyatt. in 2 your health tonight, following the rainbow. not just to find a president of gold. the colors in the rainbow can guide you to the right foods and good health. have you heard the popular
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candy slogan, "taste the rainbow." >> when it comes to eating healthy, there may be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. >> dietitians recommend people consume a variety of fruits and vegetables. >> if you're consuming the rainbow every single day, it's a variety of nutrients. >> reporter: nutritionist sheryl williams says the rainbow of foods is broken down into five color categories and each has their own benefits. for example, greens such as spinach, lettuce and swiss chard have high level of flavonoids. red foods like tomatoes and beats have lycopene, which can help reduce the effect of aging on the body. purple and blue foods may help reduce your risk for obesity and cholesterol. yellow in foods like squash contain high levels of the health-promoting vitamin c. white, tan, and brown foods
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like potatoes, bananas and mushrooms contain high levels of minerals like b-6, potassium, and selenium. >> making sure you get a variety. that's the important thing, to systematically try to get five colors every day. it's not really necessary. >> they say don't beat yourself up if you miss a color or two each day. a landmark in annapolis is over again. we're going inside the new and improved market house to see who has moved in. and they've got nine lives. so why can't a cat get a ged? this cat has one. what he and his owner were trying to prove. >> watch abc 2 news any time on channel 1 with comcast on demand. karl, don't you have friends coming over? yeah, so?
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i'm terry owens. new at 5:30. he served his time, and now michael vick is getting back into a jersey. what one of his fans and pet
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lovers is saying about his reinstatement into the nfl. and he asked. you answer. how the governor should balance the budget. plus two faa workers are off the job tonight because of what they were doing when a helicopter and plane crashed in midair over the hudson. and wyatt is back with the weekend forecast. >> thanks, terry. a look at news around the nation where a convenience store owner says a masked man demand money, and then her husband ran in and tackled him and wrestled him outside. that's hen they grabbed the bad guy's gun and threw it in the trash. police did get there in time to arrest him, but hen thaw went to grab the gun in the garbage, it was already gone. two women have a brave rescue crew and a tree to think tonight. while driving one of the ladies hit the gas instead of the brakes, sending them through a chain-link fence and off a cliff. the tree was only three inches thick, but it was all that was needed to keep them from plunging 200 feet.
5:24 pm
and here is a really great coincidence. that same spot is where rescuers actually practice for situations just like this. this c-a-t just got his ged. oreo even has a diploma to need it. oreo is super smart, but they took the test for him. they did it to bust diploma mills. in fact, getting a ged from jefferson high school online was so easy, if you got an answer wrong, they gave you a hint to the correct answer. it cost the two $200 to get it. the cash for clunkers program goes vintage at one dealership. a look at the collector car that will be crushed with the rest of them. abc 2 news at 5:30 is just minutes away. (employee 1) subject: urgent!! bob!!
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now abc 2 news at 5:30. >> he served his time, and we now know michael vick will get another chance to play in the nfl. good evening, everybody. i'm terry owens. but as expected, the decision to put vick back on the field has some people furious. but one fan, who lives in south baltimore, says this is the day vick has waited for. abc 2 news sheryl connor has react from a man who knew vick long before he was an nfl quarterback. >> everybody has their opinions. >> reporter: james body would only speak to us through the screen door of his cherry hill home. as michael vick's paternal grandfather, this is the day he has anticipated. >> i'm overjoyed. i'm overjoyed. this is nothing. this is private. this is family. i've been waiting for this for two years. >> reporter: body watched as his grandson spoke in a news conference, saying he is remorseful. the philadelphia eagles gave
5:28 pm
vick a one-year deal, reportedly a $1.6 million contract, just after he served an 18-month federal prison sentence for running a dog- fighting ring. >> making conscious efforts in the community to work with the humane society, and hopefully i can do that locally and continue with my diligent efforts in bringing awareness to animal cruelty. >> reporter: federal hill is a known spot for eagles fans. >> michael vick, he has been in prison. he paid his dues. now he is out and he should be treated as any citizen. >> reporter: but the spca takes a very different stand, saying michael vick needs to step up and prove he is remorseful. >> he certainly has money and means. he could travel. he could talk to children. he could make commercials. he really needs to make something good out of the horrible things he has done. >> reporter: some dog owners say vick deserves a second chance at life.
5:29 pm
but football is a privilege he hasn't earned. >> i think unfortunately in america, sometimes money trumps. >> reporter: and that money will reintroduce michael vick to a lucrative career in the nfl. in south baltimore, sheryl connor, abc 2 news. >> and sheryl says michael vick has the option for a second year with the eagles for $5.2 million. health officials here in maryland are coming up with a plan to offer the swine flu vaccine to everyone. this fall, the state health department will give those shots and at most sites they'll be free of charge. official says some people may have to pay an administration fee ranging from 10 to $20. but they say no one who can afford it will be turned away. the plan depends on how much of the supply the state gets, and we're told it could be available as early as mid- october. a maryland woman who jumped from a moving van while in new york state has died. sheriff's

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